Haynes Manor boasts a blend of history, having been established in the early 1900s, and modern-day appeal. Of Atlanta’s upscale communities, this one has a calm, remote vibe that residents appreciate. You’ll notice period manor homes in the French and English style, but also mid-century properties that have been renovated and restored to meet the needs of more modern homeowners. The architectural diversity in Haynes Manor gives it much of its charm.

Also, this community is one of the greener ones in Atlanta. Several parks, ranging from large greenspace – like Atlanta Memorial Park on Peachtree Creek – to smaller parks – like Woodward Haberham Park and charming pocket parks – define the area.

The Peachtree Battle Alliance was conceived in the mid 1970s to preserve and speak for Haynes Manor residents, as well as those in Peachtree Heights West and Westover. Now an organization behind over 600 homes and their residents, the PBA has been a strong voice for sustained, sensible growth and community upkeep for decades.

With property values maintaining and increasing in the area, many people are looking for the right time to buy or sell in Haynes Manor – if you’re one of them, I invite you to contact me today.

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We turned to Ashley to help us find a new home for our family. Ashley’s intimate knowledge of in-town Atlanta neighborhoods was very helpful. She has a keen eye in noticing nuances in a home that a homebuyer might overlook. And through the search phase she helped us identify homes that met our many needs and wants while staying within our price range. Ashley was professional and responsive every step of the way. She was extremely knowledgeable and resourceful, knowing what to do or who to contact during our due-diligence, inspections and closing. We found ourselves saying over and over again how thankful we were to have Ashley on our side! She is truly passionate about real estate and in providing her clients with the very best in client service. We would highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy a home in Atlanta.
- Laura & Mike

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